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Raptor Lift Solutions, LLC is a Houston-based oilfield services company that entered the market in May 2017 to provide patented and superior artificial lift technologies and services. Raptor’s technologies and continued investments in research and development efficiently and cost effectively solve mechanical and electrical inefficiencies for its customers by consistently operating with the highest standards of safety, integrity and performance in mind.
Raptor Lift is backed by CSL Capital Management, LLC, a private equity firm, which was founded in 2008 and provides capital to energy services companies.
Who We Are

We are a professional team of engineers, field technicians and sales professional who you can trust.

What We Do

We build equipment that solves current mechanical difficulties in the oilfield.

How We Do

We work directly with all of our clients to custom suit every need and solve problems they’re currently experiencing.


A unique hydraulic lift system designed to be simple, clean and efficient. The long and slow stroking system has the ability to pump two wells simultaneously, yet independently, and the ability to keep the well’s fluid level pumped-down without human intervention. The Hydra-LiftTM system is applicable on most wells where conventional pumping units, ultra long stroke pumping units, linear rod pumps and other hydraulic pumping systems are used. The unit has full variable speed capabilities built in, a dynamometer card feature, remote monitoring capability and is typically less expensive than other pumping systems, especially when moves are required.

Power Sentry

A DC regen variable speed drive system, or capacitor based on-site storage, is capable of saving 20 to 40% of power bills by capturing and reusing the typically wasted energy from rod pumps. The system can also be retrofitted into most existing customer-owned rod-lift VSD’s on single or multi-well pads. The system works on all conventional pumping units, Ultra Long Stroke Pumping Units and linear rod pumps. Additionally, we provide rod-lift VSDs and both NEMA B and NEMA D motors in a wide range of horsepower sizes.


A reengineered rod-pump traveling and standing valve with significantly greater flow areas than a traditional ball and seat. Our MaxValve uses a specially designed rod and guide system, which is ideal for heavy oil, gassy wells, solids laden fluids and deviated wells. In extremely gassy wells suffering from gas lock conditions, MaxValve gives the same great benefits, including an extension rod forcing the valve off seat to “burp” the gas from the pump.