Smaller. Quieter. Cleaner.


A unique hydraulic lift system designed to be simple, clean and efficient. The long and slow stroking system has the ability to pump two wells simultaneously, yet independently, and the ability to keep the well’s fluid level pumped-down without human intervention. The Hydra-LiftTM system is applicable on most wells where conventional pumping units, Ultra long pumping units, linear rod pumps and other hydraulic pumping systems are used. The unit has full variable speed capabilities built in, a dynamometer card feature, remote monitoring capability and is typically less expensive than other pumping systems, especially when moves are required.

Streamlined Design

  • New, robust cylinder seal design
  • Pump two wells independently, two different production rates with one power unit
  • One well can be worked on while the other continues to pump
  • Wellhead mount does not require guy wires, well heads can be very close together
  • Controls allow for automatic stroking parameter changes to keep well pumped down
  • Downstroke can be much slower than upstroke to minimize rod-buckling
  • Changes pump displacement volumes in gallons vs. barrels
  • Range of production rates at a wide range of pump depths
  • Units are designed to be quiet
  • 10 to 40,000# PPRL
  • Long, slow stroke
  • Decreased failure rates
  • Less tubing wear and tear
  • Better fluid handling
  • Eliminates fluid and gas pounding

Safety Is Our First Priority

  • Cylinder seals have a bypass port to capture any fluid leaks
  • Accumulator is small, same size as a fire extinguisher
  • Polish rod clamp is located at normal working heights
  • Quick, easy in-field repair and maintenance
  • Well-suited for urban applications
  • Smaller hydraulic fluid tanks
  • Up to 50% smaller footprint

Time = $$$

  • 10-30% smaller investment than conventional pumping units
  • Transports on single trailer, 2-ton truck not 2 tractor trailers
  • 4-6 hour dismantle, load, unload and hookup time
  • Smaller footprint benefits landowner and community
  • Little-to-no location preparation

Committed to Success

At Raptor Lift Solutions, we hold a firm belief that our success is only possible with your success; therefore, we strive to provide the best products and services to our customers. We are committed to optimizing your oil and gas production and succeeding together.