Get the most out of *every* well.
The MaxValve design shows significant improvements over traditional ball-and-seat configurations, and versus all other stem-and-guide valves. Based on every application, the MaxValve components are designed as a system to ensure reliability, both in abrasive and gassy environments. The MaxValve firmly seats when differential pressure occurs across the valve. This feature, when coupled with flow areas that are 27% – 107% greater than seen on traditional valves, is well-suited for heavy oil, solids laden fluid, highly-deviated or gassy applications.

Maximum Benefits. Maximum Efficiencies.

  • Wide range of pump sizes for both standing and traveling valves
  • Custom engineered designs fit specific well applications
  • Excellent in highly deviated and horizontal applications
  • Oversized flow area for better fluid dynamics
  • Higher sustained mechanical efficiencies
  • Controlled valve movement
  • Eliminates gas locking