Controlling Uncontrollable Power Costs.
A DC regen variable speed drive system, or capacitor based on-site storage, is capable of saving 20 to 40% of power bills by capturing and reusing the typically wasted energy from rod pumps. The system can also be retrofitted into most existing customer-owned rod-lift VSD’s on single or multi-well pads. The system works on all conventional pumping units, Ultra Long Stroke Pumping Units and linear rod pumps. Additionally, we provide rod-lift VSDs and both NEMA B and NEMA D motors in a wide range of horsepower sizes.

Key Benefits

  • Proven to lower immediate power cost by an average of 30.3%
  • Tested and proven in more than 6 major producing basins in the U.S.
  • Universal capabilities that will accommodate multiple VSDs into one on-site storage unit (plug-and-play)
  • Single or multiple well pad site applications
  • Works in-conjunction with either power grid or generator
  • Significantly more efficient than traditional AC re-gen
  • Rides-through poor power quality events
  • System qualifies for green energy credits
  • Full stand-alone VSD system options available
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